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The difference between investing in rental projects, stocks, and cryptocurrencies

Gustas Germanavičius speaks on the Lithuanian News Radio about the difference between investing in stocks, cryptocurrencies, and rental projects (in the Lithuanian language).


What is the difference between investing in stocks, cryptocurrency, and rental properties?

During a special event organized by "Verslo Žinios" Head of Investors Relations Deividas Urbanovičius speaks about investing in different asset classes (in Lithuanian language).


Investing in rental properties - what are the risks and opportunities?

During a special event organized by "Verslo Žinios" CEO of InRento Gustas Germanavičius reveals the risks and opportunities of investing in rental properties today. What are they? (in Lithuanian language)


Pros & cons of short-term & long-term rent - what are they?

Short-term & long-term rent pros & cons explained.


How to invest in real estate with little money?

Do you need hundreds of thousands of euros to invest in real estate? You can start with much less.


Delfi: Record-high real estate prices also led to changes in rental prices

InRento's CEO Gustas Germanavicius talks about rental trends on the biggest news portal in Lithuania (in Lithuanian language).


Business podcast: Investing in rental properties without a landlord hassle

What is crowdfunding? How does the rental properties market change? What is the timeshare when investing in real estate? About the latter and the possibility of investing small amounts and not worrying about landlord's hassle speaks InRento's CEO Gustas (in Lithuanian language).


Vlog: rental properties crowdfunding: what is it?

Real estate remains one of the most popular investments among Lithuanians. A vlogger, Žilvinas Butkevičius talks to the CEO of Inrento Gustas Germanavičius about real estate crowdfunding and the opportunities it opens for small investors (in Lithuanian language)


Con InRento iniziare a investire è questione di pochi minuti

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